Thursday, 6 February 2014

Young Avengers (v2) #10

"Mother's Day"

Writers: Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Collected in:
  • Young Avengers: Alternative Culture (Marvel Comics, Feb 4 2014)
  •  #10 is available on Comixology and as part of Marvel Unlimited.

Continuity Notes

-        Page 4 flashes back to an unseen moment between issues #1 and #2, where Loki manipulates Billy overnight. The caption notes this as "half a year ago," placing the present in August. The Marvel Wiki page notes this scene is an allusion to Siege: Loki, also by Gillen and McKelvie, where Loki manipulates Norman Osborn

-        Noh-Varr's ex-girlfriend, Annie, seen in Dark Avengers and the Avengers Vs. X-Men issues of The Avengers, reappears, another of Loki's constructs. It's implied Noh-Varr's fondness for 60s pop music may come from her: “I taught him everything about Earth. I gave him Ronnettes records! Everything!"

-        This version of Annie says "Ten years from today, I inherited some Kang-tech, and started dancing across timelines. That’s where I bumped into Meree...” Whether this history also applies to the actual Annie is unknown, but we can assume this information is false.

-        Despite the title, this issue doesn't actually occur on Mother's Day.

-    Like with #6, this issue doesn't feature the Young Avengers, and instead focuses on Loki's control over Hulkling, who has been seeing the psychiatrist Leah.

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