Wednesday, 26 March 2014

This Week in Free Comics (25/03/14)


A preview of a preview, essentially, presented as a post-conversion Infinite Comic (hint: it isn't effective.) Don't read it.
  • Captain America: Theater of War

With The Winter Soldier just around the corner (as in, released today here in the UK), it seems like a great time for Marvel to get these Paul Jenkins one shots some more attention. They released them free as part of their '700' digital offer a year ago, and it was great to be able to finally read them then. These four extra-sized issues form the second harcover/trade paperback of the series, which goes pretty cheap on Amazon. I remember all of them being a great read ('America the Beautiful' maybe wasn't so great), but my favourite probably goes to 'Ghosts of My Country' - which was amongst the first comics I bought, back in 2011. Spanning four centuries of conflict, it explores the 'ghost' of Captain America, per Brubaker's run, and his appearances at key American events. If you need to check it out for even one thing, it's Elisa Bonetti's artwork. Really, it is gorgeous. Perhaps some will find this to be over-indulgent American patriotism, but I like it. 'To Soldier On' is kind of like The Chosen, exploring Captain America within the context of modern, Middle Eastern conflict, but having read not exactly great things about Morrell's epic, this is probably the better of the two. The other three one shots (which I've yet to read), 'Operation: Zero Point', 'Prisoners of Duty' and 'America First!' were written by different creative teams, and in fact 'Operation: Zero Point' (a World War II tale, featuring none other than Einstein) became the UK annual for The First Avenger, published by Panini. It would be good if the other three one-shots were available as free issues like these four, but I will hunt out the trade at some point.

Marvel Unlimited
Wonder-Man+Beast is an interesting judgement of WHAT THE HELL IS BEAST DOING laws of time, etc., etc., etc., but a weird pairing and maybe a little too nostalgic for my liking.
Vampire Jubilee+Captain America vs. Nazi vampires. It isn't as interesting as it sounds. Cap takes up the tutor role again, but it just falls flat.
Meh. It's a side-story with characters I've never heard of.
You know I love it.

(I promise I will get back to the timeline soon - I'm currently working on revising the notes for Captain America: Patriot, and should be onto Brubaker's Winter Soldier soon. I know I said initially that it was going to be a weekly venture, but with school and a burgeoning pile of comics, it's more likely to be every few weeks.)

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