Monday, 21 April 2014

This Week in Free Comics (22/04/14) - Amazing Spider-Man 2

It's pretty Amazing, right? There's no need to search through long boxes, conventions, back issue bins - if you want to just read an issue, all you need do is consult a Marvel Masterwork, an Omnibus or pocket book; the Comixology website, an online torrent (um), or your Marvel Unlimited subscription. It's as Amazing as a guy who crawls up walls and swings across the city (I apologise in full for the punnage.) If you've not heard, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released internationally just a couple of days ago, and it comes to the States on May 2nd. It's a good film. Maybe it doesn't succeed as much as The Amazing Spider-Man (which still succeeded, in my opinion, a fair bit), but if you want your Spider-Man movie fix, you can't go wrong. Marc Webb proves he can knit established comic storylines of the 60s and 70s, multiple villains and the full emotion of Peter Parker as a character into a coherent narrative.

In anticipation (or, depending where you live, in post-film excitement), Marvel Unlimited have made free a number of 'milestone' events in the Wall-Crawler's career (a pretty sweet deal.) I've read most of these issues (in fact ASM is the Marvel series I've read the most issues from), but it's good to see Marvel Unlimited doing this each month.

Amazing Spider-Man 
#31 "If This Be My Destiny!" 
#41 "The Horns of the Rhino!"
#82 "And Then Came Electro!"
#90 "And Then Death Shall Come!"
#97 "In the Grip of the Goblin!"
#121 "The Night Gwen Stacy Died!"
#136 "The Green Goblin Lives Again!"
#581 Mind on Fire: Part One - The Trouble With Harry
#597 American Son: Part Three
#612 Power to the People: Part One

Daredevil #2 "The Evil Menace of Electro!"

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