Tuesday, 6 May 2014

This Week in Free Comics (05/05/14)

Marvel Unlimited
A very neat retelling of Cap's Silver Age return by Mark Waid, recast in the present day. We open with an extended exploration into Cap and Bucky's last mission in April 1945, and it really does add a lot of depth to events glimpsed in panels in Avengers #4. Some panels are direct homages to the original issue.
Meh. Nothing much here. For a 2004 issue, it's more 2004 than Winter Soldier.
It's good to see a story from Sam Wilson's perspective - and in his native Harlem - but there isn't much to it.
I adore this issue. It's written by Kathryn Immonen; Ramon Perez's pencils really bring out a 40s sensibility. Immonen and Perez shape Cap and Peggy Carter to be adorable together in a way Tales of Suspense #77 (also reprinted in this issue) could not do.
A fun story by Kelly Sue Deconnick, which is able to spotlight Steve's girls, Natasha and Sharon Carter, together as spies and away from Bucky Barnes. It might say Secret Avengers, but Secret Avengers here is shorthand for Natasha and Sharon.

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