Thursday, 22 May 2014

Free Comics: More Number Ones! More Number Ones!

As with last week, it looks like Marvel Unlimited are shifting from a focus on synergy (Silver Surfer to tie-in with Dan Slott's new series; a bunch of Captain America and Winter Soldier issues; a great selection of Spider-Man) to the coveted number one.

After over a year, Marvel have revamped the Get Started With Free Issues section on their site to a wider selection of issues, ranging from classics like 1602 and Marvels, mid-2000s works like Runaways, She-Hulk and Young Avengers, and naturally a number of Marvel NOW! titles as well. It's good to see an update; its previous spatterings of Heroes Return perhaps wasn't best representative of Marvel's output, and it's good to see the added diversity here too. Keep note there are some issues on the site: Captain Marvel links to the most recent volume, whilst Daredevil's page is empty (although they both work on the app.)

I've basically all of the issues before in their 'Marvel 700' offer back in 2012, but it's a good selection.

Not listed on the site is the finale of Dennis Hopeless' Battle Royale send-up, Avengers Arena #18.

Captain America and the First Thirteen #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #41 remain up.

Also, on a personal note: as my AS exams finish this week, I'll be able to keep up with the blog a little more regularly over the next two weeks. I've had some posts on Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drafted but not finished, so I'll see about posting them within the next couple of days.

Now, how's about we get some free Claremont X-Men? Anyone?

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