Sunday, 1 June 2014

This Week in Free Comics

Marvel Unlimited

I can't find any on this story, or even a #1. Somewhere, in a dusty Kiehl's store in New York, someone will be reading that #1 and telling me why I myself, over in the UK, need to buy anti-aging cream. It reunites The Winter Soldier team of Cap/Falcon/Widow, because movie synergy guys. Kiehl's did another Marvel Custom story a year or two back (which seemed to think Cap's origin was in 1943, because movie synergy guys), but that seems to have disappeared from the internet. It's standard Marvel Custom fare, but the art's decent enough; it kind of reminds me of the more recent Secret Avengers in its style.
It's another Infinity tie-in, but the fact is, it's always great to see some more of Kid Gladiator.

I actually missed FCBD because on the day itself, I kept on bumping into friends, so when I finally managed to get to my local comic store at 2pm, all they had left were Donald Duck reprints; so it's good to see Comixology putting this stuff out there for those that missed it or digital only people, if a couple of weeks late.

The Guardians story is just exposition. There's some OK moments; some amusing anecdotes, but the fact of the matter is that it's just Tony Stark informing Flash Thompson (and the reader) who the Guardians are. The art's OK but not brilliant.

Rocket Raccoon was fun - and it looks like it takes place during the DnA era, judging by costumes (Yay!), although half of the issue is devoted to an Ultimate Spider-Man story I didn't read.
The 2005 limited series, not the original series.
  • Comixology are doing an iTunes 12 Days of Christmas sort of thing, where they're offering a free comic a day to herald the start of the summer. So far we've had 6 days of an issue from the acclaimed story Batman: The Black Mirror, along with some Dynamite, BOOM! and Valiant series, and MLP from IDW. It's good to see some more niche titles being given wider publicity through this; you can sign up for daily email notifications too. The whole thing puts me in the mood for frappes, iced drinks and ice cream...

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